How do you select my tenants?

Trustworthy loyal tenants are a vital part of successful property investment. We have a thorough tenant selection process that we apply to each and every prospective tenant. Every prospective tenant must complete our Rental Application form.


 What weekly rent can I expect to receive for my property?

Every investment property is different so we will need to complete a free no-obligation Rental Appraisal. In doing a rental appraisal we will consider a variety of factors that will assist in determining a fair market value for your property. We will consider factors such as the type of property and its condition. Location of the property and the length of lease being offered are also relevant. We will compare your property to other similar properties that are currently available or have been leased recently.


How do you handle maintenance and repairs?

We are all set up to ensure maintenance and repairs are attended to quick smart. Your tenants can log a repair or maintenance request anytime 24/7 with our easy online forms. They also have options to email or call us to lodge their request.

 Once the maintenance request has been submitted, we will contact you to discuss how to proceed. For all non-urgent repairs, you may nominate a cost limit for us to give tradespeople (eg. $300). If you have preferred suppliers, we are happy to contact them to co-ordinate the repairs. Alternatively, we can contact one of our tradespeople.

 For any urgent maintenance requests, we will try and contact you immediately to advise you of the situation. At all times, we will try to use your preferred tradespeople. If they cannot attend within a reasonable time frame, however, we may need to employ one of our own tradespeople to complete the job.


How do you handle emergency repairs?

Emergency repairs must be actioned within 24 hours as per the Residential Tenancies Act 1997. We contact you immediately upon an emergency repair request being lodged. We also have processes in place to ensure compliance with the 24-hour timeframe in the event that we cannot contact you in time.


Can I attend to maintenance work myself?

You may attend to maintenance works yourself strictly where these do not require a licensed tradesperson to attend. For example, if the maintenance requirement is electrical work, you must have a licensed tradesperson carry out the works. For insurance and safety purposes, all tradespersons attending work on any of your properties must be appropriately licensed and insured.


 How much could an urgent repairs request cost me?

The urgent repairs limit is set by the Residential Tenancies Act 1997 to the amount of $1800 (inc GST). Platinum Property Management will contact you in the event of a breakdown of an essential service. Please note that if repairs are not actioned within 24 hours, your tenants may undertake the repairs and seek compensation.


Are my tenants allowed to have a pet?

In March 2020, legislation changed with regard to pets at a rental property. Please give us a call if you would like to learn more about your landlord rights and obligations in this regard.


Who maintains the gardens and lawns at my rental property?

As a rule, it is the tenant’s responsibility to maintain the lawns and gardens to the standard that they were at when they moved in. We can assist you in making alternative arrangements by agreement with your tenants if you wish. Any systems like a self-watering lawn system that are relevant to lawn and garden maintenance must be kept in good working order throughout the tenancy.


How can I minimise vacancy of my property?

Our experienced property managers know exactly how to attract quality tenants to your home. Yet of course there are fluctuations in market demand and conditions. Some fundamental ways to boost the appeal of your rental property are to offer flexible tenancy arrangements and ensure your property is presented in a bright, fresh, welcoming manner.


How do you market my property?

Every rental property is unique so we tailor a marketing campaign to match. Just a few of the effective marketing tools in our arsenal include our interactive website,, vibrant social media, signboards, open homes and flexible private inspections at agreed times. From here all enquiries are contacted privately in a timely manner to see if they have any questions and to book in suitable inspection times.


Should I get landlord insurance?

Yes absolutely. Comprehensive landlord insurance cover is a must-have to protect one of your most valuable assets. There are several different policies available so be sure to find the cover that best matches your investment portfolio and requirements.


What happens if my tenants default on their rent payment?

Timely rental payments are a key part of every tenancy. We are serious about addressing rent arrears quickly and effectively. Drawing on the open honest communication we nurture with tenants, we communicate any rent arrears to them swiftly. We request immediate attention be given by the tenant to fixing up the arrears. If the tenant is having difficulty paying their rent, we will notify you to discuss our proposed course of action.


How often do you conduct a routine inspection of my rental property?

We carry out our first routine inspection at 3 months after your tenant moves into your property. All subsequent routine inspections are carried out every 6 months. Every routine inspection is carried out by one of our award-winning property managers. Your property manager will invite you to every routine inspection too. Should you wish to attend, we will arrange to carry out the inspection at a suitable time for you. At the inspection, we will ensure that the property is being maintained to an acceptable standard and that no damage has been caused. We also check your property for any maintenance issues that may need attention. After each routine inspection, we prepare a detailed inspection report on your property. This report will be sent to you for consideration. If there is anything that needs discussion or action, one of our property managers will be in touch in a timely way.


Can the tenants break their tenancy agreement before the agreed term?

In a nutshell, yes. Residential Tenancy Agreements are legally binding. That said, both landlord and tenant have some options available to break the tenancy agreement early. Should a lease break situation occur, we will work with yourself and the tenant to negotiate a resolution.


How often do you release rental money?

We want to make sure you get your rent payments as soon as possible. We do statement runs and payments daily. At times, you may ask us to make a payment to a third party (like your insurance broker or Council Rates department) which is due before the next rent cycle. In these cases, we may hold over funds to ensure these payments can be made on time. Where this occurs, any funds that are held over will be shown on your statement. We will also communicate this proposed process to you ahead of time.