Clinch Top Property Rewards

Property investment is fuel for your life goals. Platinum Property Management supports you to reap maximum returns and enjoyment from your investment portfolio. Yes, we said ‘enjoyment’. We liberate you from a heavy property management burden. That leaves you free to simply relax and watch your investment property assets prosper.


Property investment should bring you gain not drain. How well your investment property is managed can be the difference between reaping top returns or losing time, money and sleep. You have worked hard to secure your investment asset. You deserve to realise the full profits and growth potential that this asset has to offer. That is why we deliver no less than a Platinum property management service every time. It does not matter whether you have a single investment property or a large portfolio. We expertly do the legwork to ensure you get the very most out of your property investment endeavours. Leave everything to our award-winning property managers from sourcing quality tenants to keeping maintenance and repair expenses minimal. Timely rent collection, optimum rental returns and seamless legal compliance are all part of your Platinum property management service. We know just how to keep both landlords and tenants delighted.

Why use a property manager?

Investment properties are there to bring you financial and lifestyle rewards. But poorly managed investment properties can be costly rather profitable. The right property manager will ensure your investment property brings you maximum reward without leaving you drained of time, energy and emotion. We take care of every aspect of property management so all you get are maximum returns. From sourcing quality screened tenants to timely rent collection and maintenance response.  Our award-winning property managers have got you and your portfolio covered.

How can I finance further investment properties?

Successful property management begins with having the right home loan. Your Platinum experience can extend to sourcing best-fit investment property finance. Our sister company Platinum Package Home Loans connects you with personally tailored investment loans, speedy pre-approvals and extensive industry expertise. The expert brokers at Platinum Package Home Loans do all the legwork for you. So when the right investment opportunity is there, you have the right finance to make it happen.


Platinum Property Management eliminates the drain and delivers maximum gain from your property investment portfolio. If you are already one of our Platinum clients, we would love to hear your thoughts and so would others.

What You Get

Profitable property investment is an ongoing process. Whether you have a single investment property or a thriving portfolio, meticulous management on a continuous basis is key to success. Our award-winning property managers supercharge your wealth creation and growth potential.

Meticulous maintenance

We help your property stay in tip-top condition with minimal repair and maintenance costs.

Quality loyal tenants

Thoroughly screened and wonderfully serviced tenants mean you retain the right people in your home.

Single focus

Property management is all we do. We do not juggle this with selling real estate. That means our sole focus is managing your property for your utmost benefit.

Get Your Free Rental Appraisal

Be sure to get optimum rental return on your investment property. At Platinum Property Management you will receive nothing less. Let us give you a detailed property report and expert assessment of its current rental value. All absolutely free of charge.