What properties do you have available to lease?

All our current available Listings are here for you to view online 24/7. These update frequently so be sure to check in regularly while you are considering your next move.


Can I inspect the properties I am interested in?

Almost all our listings have scheduled Open for Inspection times that you can attend. We will also happily conduct individual inspections by appointment where possible.


What are your Covid-19 procedures for property inspections?

You must contact our office directly and register in order to attend a property inspection.

Stage 4 lockdown:    no property inspections are permitted.

Stage 3 lockdown:    only one-on-one property inspections are permitted. You may still bring another person with you to inspect the property. You will simply need to come in alone then swap while the other waits in the car.

Stage 2 lockdown:    maximum of 20 people including children allowed per inspection.


I have found a property I want to lease. How do I apply?

Brilliant. Simply complete our easy online Rental Application form or download a printable copy. Alternatively, if you already have a 1form account you can apply there – no code required. Be sure that you have notified your references to expect our call. That way, we can give your application the promptest assessment. Please also include appropriate supporting documents, including photo ID for all applicants, proof of affordability (such as payslips, Centrelink statements or bank statements) and anything else you feel may assist your application.


How do you decide whether my Rental Application is successful?

Upon receiving your completed Rental Application, we conduct a thorough screening process. This includes confirming all the information that you have supplied and verifying references from your previous landlords. We will then provide your Rental Application to the landlord for consideration alongside all other applications received for that property.


How quickly will I know whether my Rental Application has been approved?

Generally, the rental application approval process takes approximately 48 hours. This can be dependent on your references and how readily we can get in contact with them. One of our property managers will be in touch as soon as possible to let you know the outcome of your application.


If my Rental Application is approved, what happens next?

Firstly, you can begin looking forward to moving into your great new home. Once your application is accepted you will need to sign lease documentation. The first month’s rent and bond must be transferred to our trust account within 24 hours to secure the property. We offer electronic leases which can be signed on a smart device or computer. You are also welcome to visit our office to sign the documents in person.


What do I need to pay upfront when I lease a property?

You will need to pay the bond and one month’s rent. These figures vary from property to property. Both the bond and weekly rent amount for your chosen property will be advertised on the relevant listing.


How do I know what my obligations are as a tenant?

Your Tenancy Agreement is your go-to guide for all the main aspects and obligations of your tenancy. At the commencement of your tenancy, you will also have been provided with an electronic copy of the ‘Renting a home: a guide for tenants’. Alternatively, this guide can be downloaded here<<please link to: https://www.consumer.vic.gov.au/housing/renting/renting-guide>>. The ‘Renting a home: a guide for tenants’ booklet is another good reference point for you to understand your tenancy obligations.


What do I do if a maintenance issue comes up in the property I am leasing?

We attend to all maintenance issues as quickly as possible so you can continue to have full enjoyment of your home. Timely maintenance is also important to prevent any further or long-term damage to the home. Simply use our easy online Maintenance Request form anytime 24/7 and we will action that promptly. For an emergency maintenance, please call us directly and we will get onto a solution right away.


What if I can’t pay my rent on time?

Open communication is something we value highly. We understand that the unexpected can happen. The earlier that you let us know that you are having difficulty paying your rent, the earlier we will be able to come to a solution. We will follow up with you frequently regarding your outstanding rent payment until we have spoken with you and arranged a solution. If we are unable to contact you and/or you do not make contact with our office directly, on day 15 from the date your rent payment was due we will initiate legal action.


How often will you conduct a routine inspection?

If permissible in accordance with Covid 19 restrictions, we conduct our first routine inspection at 3 months into your tenancy. Each subsequent routine inspection will be conducted at 6-month intervals.  We will provide you with advance notice in writing of any scheduled routine inspection.


Must I be home during a routine inspection?
No, you do not need to be home during a routine inspection but you can certainly choose to be. Routine inspections are a great opportunity to let us know of any potential or existing maintenance issues that need attention.


What do you check out in a routine inspection?

Our routine inspections focus on identifying any maintenance or repair issues. We also ensure that you are keeping the property and its grounds well-maintained and damage-free. Naturally we also make sure that you are upholding your tenant obligations under your Tenancy Agreement.


Can I have someone else move into the property over the course of my tenancy?

The only people authorised to live in your leased property are those who are listed in the Tenancy Agreement. If you would like a friend or another party to move into the property with you during the course of your lease, please begin by notifying us. We will provide you with a separate Rent Application form that the other party will need to complete. The landlord must provide their approval of this Tenancy Application for the other party to be authorised to move into the property. The other party must not move into the property before the landlord’s written approval is obtained